Percent Indicators

Display percentage or ratio, using linear or circular scale


Blocks in the Percent Indicators library convert their input values to percentages or ratios. They display the percentage or ratio graphically as either a segment on a linear scale or a sector of a circle. To learn how to use and customize blocks in this library, see Percent Indicators Library.

    Note:   Blocks in this library can display multiple values simultaneously using percentages or ratios. The Pie Chart block displays multiple values by default. To learn how to display multiple values simultaneously, see Controlling Multiple Graphical Elements.

Blocks in the Library

The Percent Indicators library contains ActiveX® Control blocks preconfigured with ActiveX controls from Global Majic, as shown.

Dialog Box

The ActiveX Control Properties dialog box governs the appearance and functionality of the control that is embedded in the block. The table below lists the panels of the ActiveX Control Properties dialog box.

BackgroundConfigure the background and outline of the block
FramesDisplay a border on the block
LibraryRefer to property settings as a named collection
MiscDefine the shape, orientation, and range of the block's scale
PortionsDefine the number, appearance, and labeling style of regions that the block displays

The Block Parameters dialog box governs the relationship between the Simulink® block and the control embedded in the block. See Block Parameters for the ActiveX Control Block for details.

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