Activate Group Member Licenses


After installing the software on each group member's computer, activating the installations is the next step. Activation is a process in which MathWorks® validates the license and ensures that it is only used on computers that the license option allows.

To activate a Group Member license, run the MathWorks activation application on your computer. For step-by-step instructions, see the installation documentation.

During activation, you log in to your MathWorks Account, select the license that you want to activate, and provide other required information. As with the installation process, you can create a MathWorks Account during the activation process. You can also use an Activation Key to identify the license you want to activate.

If you choose to activate immediately after installation, and let the installer start the activation application, you can skip the login and license selection steps—the activation application continues the same login session you opened during installation.

During activation, you can specify the activation type, if it has not already been set. (The Administrator on the license can preset the activation type of a Group Member license at the License Center.) For Group licenses, there are two activation types:

Activation TypeDescription
Standalone Named UserYou can install and run the software on multiple computers, such as your desktop, lab, and laptop systems. The installation is locked to a particular computer and particular user name.
Designated ComputerYou can install and run the software on only one computer. The installation is locked to a Host ID that identifies a particular computer, but not a particular user. Any number of people can log in and use the software, but not simultaneously.

The activation application validates the activation in MathWorks systems and creates a License File that is locked to the particular computer. If the activation type is Standalone Named User, MathWorks also locks the installation to a particular user. The activation application copies this License File onto your computer.

If you do not have an Internet connection during activation, the Administrator on the license can retrieve the License File from the License Center at the MathWorks website—see the License Center help for instructions. When running the activation application without an Internet connection, specify the location of this License File. For more information about running the activation application, see the installation documentation.

Validate a License

After activation is completed, you can run MathWorks products. Throughout the term of your license, your MATLAB® installation periodically contacts the MathWorks to verify that your license is up-to-date. If your license is up-to-date, the validation process is transparent. If it determines that your license is not up-to-date, the validation process displays a dialog box that gives you the option of updating the license in your installation with the updated version available at MathWorks website. A license can get out-of-date, for example, if you purchase additional products. The Administrator on the license can change this validation behavior by modifying the validation settings on a license—see the License Center Help for instructions.

Deactivate a License

In some scenarios, you might need to deactivate a license on a particular computer. For example, if you have performed the maximum number of activations allowed by your license and you want to install the software on a new computer. You must deactivate your license on one of your computers before you can activate your license for the installation on your new computer.

The best way to deactivate a license is to run the deactivation application on your computer with an Internet connection. This way the deactivation application can disable the License File on your computer and contact the MathWorks to deactivate the license in MathWorks systems. If you do not have an Internet connection, the deactivation application disables the License File on your computer and returns a deactivation string. To complete the deactivation process you must visit the License Center at the MathWorks website and enter the deactivation string to disable the activation in MathWorks systems.

For more information about deactivating, see the installation documentation.

Example: Activating the Software

In the example introduced previously (see A Sample Group License), you decided to let end-users install and activate the software on their systems. Because you associated a Group Member license with each user, they can run the installer on their computers, log in to their accounts, select the Group Member license, and install it. If users choose to activate the software immediately after installation, the installer starts the activation application automatically. Since you preset the Activation Type for each Group Member license, users do not select this option during activation. When activation is complete, users can run MathWorks software on their systems.

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