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Customize Characteristics of Plot in Linear Analysis Tool

To change the characteristics of an existing plot, such as the title, axis labels, or text styles:

  1. In the Linear Analysis Tool, in the Figures tab, in the select the plot you want to customize.

  2. In the Properties section, click Current plot properties to open the Property Editor.

  3. Edit plot properties as desired. Plots are updated as you make changes. Click Close when you are finished.

Print Plot to MATLAB Figure in Linear Analysis Tool

You can export a plot from the Linear Analysis Tool to a MATLAB® figure window. To do so:

  1. After creating a plot, in the Figures tab, select the plot you want to export.

  2. In the Print section, print click Print to Figure.

    A MATLAB figure window opens containing the plot.

Generate Additional Response Plots of Linearized System

This example shows how to generate additional response plots of a linearized system in the Linear Analysis Tool.

  1. Linearize a model and create a plot of the response, such as shown in Linearize Simulink Model at Model Operating Point.

  2. In the Linear Analysis Tool, click the Linear Analysis tab.

  3. In the Select System list, select the system for which you want to create a new plot.

    For example, select linsys1.

  4. In the Select Plot list, select a plot to add.

    For example, select New Step.

    This action generates Step Plot 1, which shows the step response for linsys1.

      Tip   To view both plots at the same time, select a layout on the View tab, Tiles section.

Add Linear System to Existing Response Plot

There are two ways to add a linear system from the MATLAB Workspace or the Linear Analysis Workspace to an existing plot in the Linear Analysis Tool.

  • Drag the linear system onto the plot from the MATLAB Workspace or the Linear Analysis Workspace.

  • On the Linear Analysis tab, in the Plots section, select the linear system from the Select System menu. Then select the exiting plot from the Select Plot menu.

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