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DSP Builder

Simulink blocksets for simulation and code generation targeting Altera FPGAs


  • Generates high-performance HDL of digital signal processing (DSP) algorithms directly from Simulink models
  • Links Simulink to Altera Quartus II implementation environment
  • Performs high-performance fixed- and floating-point DSP with vector processing, such as complex IEEE 754 single-precision floating point
  • Automatic generation of VHDL testbenches
  • Facilitates integration of complex DSP functions
  • Can optionally be used in combination with HDL Coder from MathWorks


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DSP Builder is a product for performing Model-Based Design targeting Altera FPGAs. By using Altera DSP Builder, designers can shorten DSP design cycles by creating the hardware representation of a DSP design in an algorithm-friendly development environment. By using DSP Builder, algorithm and system designers can share a common development platform.

DSP Builder, consisting of an advanced and standard blockset, allows for high-performance push-button hardware description language (HDL) generation of digital signal processing (DSP) algorithms directly from the Simulink environment. DSP design for Altera FPGAs with the DSP Builder Advanced allows users to:

  • Synthesize Simulink models to low-level optimized VHDL that is optimized for each Altera FPGA family.
  • Perform high-performance fixed- and floating-point DSP with vector processing, such as complex IEEE 754 single-precision floating point.
  • Use a designer-specified system clock constraint to automatically pipeline, time-division multiplex/fold, and close timing
  • Access advanced mathematical IP blocks functions and multichannel data
  • Generate resource utilization tables for all designs without the need for compilation with Quartus II.
  • Automatically generate projects or scripts for the Quartus II software, TimeQuest, Qsys, and ModelSim® Altera software.

Users of HDL Coder from MathWorks can use the Altera DSP Builder Subsystem block to incorporate models built using the Altera DSP Builder Advanced Blockset. This allows designers to perform simulation and HDL code generation for models that use MathWorks Simulink blocksets in combination with models built from the DSP Builder Advanced Blockset.  

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