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RAppID ToolBox - MPC5554 Embedded Target

A Simulink blockset and embedded target for the MPC5554


  • Complete support for any MPC5554-based platform
  • Interface including I/O blocksets and processor initialization
  • Seamless integration with Embedded Coder®
  • Provides for on-target profiling of functions and tasks
  • OSEK/VDX real-time operating system support
  • Leverages advanced features including DMA and SIMD capabilities


The RAppID ToolBox lets controls engineers configure and auto-generate all the necessary software, including initialization routines, device drivers, and a real-time scheduler, to execute their control algorithms on any MPC5554 hardware platform. Users can choose either the Freescale OSEKTurbo real-time operating system, or the generic scheduler target provided by Simulink® and Simulink Coder. The toolbox leverages the advanced features of the MPC5554 processor, including the eDMA controller and SIMD instructions for floating-point capabilities and DSP functions. Users can configure the generated code to be ANSI-C, optimized assembly instructions, or a combination of the two. A wide range of compilers are supported including Freescale (CodeWarrior), Wind River (DIAB), and Green Hill Software (MULTI).

The code generated by RAppID ToolBox is seamlessly integrated with commercial automatic code generation tools, including Simulink Coder and Embedded Coder. The toolbox also provides the ability to profile the execution of the auto-generated software (tasks and functions) on the target hardware.

The RAppID ToolBox is an add-on blockset for Simulink and an embedded target for Simulink Coder and Embedded Coder. It leverages Signal Processing Toolbox for optimized SIMD functions. For those integrating state machines and control logic, code generation via Stateflow® and Simulink Coder is also supported.

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