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MG3700A Vector Signal Generator

Signal generator for evaluation of digital communcation systems


  • Users can generate custom-made arbitrary waveforms
  • Waveform memory 256M sample/ch (standard) or 512M sample/ch (option)
  • Frequency 250 kHz to 3 GHz (standard) or 6 GHz (option)
  • Built-in BER analyzer
  • 40 Gbytes hard disk
  • I/Q modulation bandwidth 120 MHz (Internal base band generator)


MG3700A Vector Signal Generator_image

MG3700A supports digital modulation of signals for various wireless communication systems, enabling you to evaluate general mobile communications, such as cellular phones and wireless LANs.

BER (Bit Error Rate) measure, which is necessary for reception characteristics tests, is also included as a standard feature. The waveform addition function can digitally combine two signals (e.g., desired wave plus interference wave) and output them as one signal. As a result, the reception characteristics test that previously required a set of two signal generators and one BER measure can be accomplished by a single MG3700A.

IQ sample data files developed in MATLAB can be converted to waveform patterns for MG3700A. You can also generate a custom-made waveform pattern file.



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