Medical Devices

  • Weinmann Develops Life-Saving Transport Ventilator Using Model-Based Design

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  • Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Improves MRI Accuracy

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  • Doheny Eye Institute Develops Next-Generation Retinal Prosthesis

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  • Genentech Uses MATLAB and OPC Toolbox to Build a Supervisory Control Algorithm Development Platform for Bioreactors

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  • Given Imaging Develops Camera-in-a-Capsule Using MATLAB to Improve the Diagnosis of Gastrointestinal Disorders

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Model-Based Design enables medical device engineers to introduce and integrate agile approaches into their existing software development workflows by cleanly separating the design phase from the implementation steps.

Using Model-Based Design, you can:

  • Model and simulate algorithms and entire systems before implementation
  • Verify and validate the designs thoroughly at a higher-level abstraction
  • Prototype design and create proofs-of-concept by automatically generating C or HDL code
  • Produce customizable reports that can be used as evidence of regulatory compliance
  • Prove your code is safe under all possible run-time conditions using static analysis

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Industry Standards

FDA-MathWorks Research and Collaboration Agreement Summary

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Medical Device Startups

Startups worldwide rely on MATLAB and Simulink to mitigate technical risk and do more with limited development resources.

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