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Static Code Analysis with Polyspace - Certifying Medical Devices

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Jay Abraham, MathWorks

In this webinar we will introduce advanced formal methods based static code analysis techniques for FDA certified medical devices. Through demonstrations and examples, attendees will learn how to use Polyspace products to detect and prove the absence of critical run-time errors in embedded software.

These techniques will enable you to develop and verify high quality C/C++ code intended for medical devices. You will be able to improve the overall quality and reliability of medical device software. Finally we will show how you can use results from Polyspace to prove to certification authorities that certain types of errors can never occur in your software.

About the Presenter: Jay Abraham is currently the Product Marketing Manager at MathWorks. His area of expertise is in software tools for the verification of critical embedded applications. He has over 20 years software and hardware design experience. Jay has a MS in Computer Engineering from Syracuse University and a BS in Electrical Engineering from Boston University.

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