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Heat Transfer Principles and Applications

Heat Transfer Principles and Applications is written for upper-level undergraduate students and practicing engineers in mechanical, chemical, biomedical engineering, and related thermal engineering areas. This book fully explains the fundamentals of heat transfer, including heat conduction, convection, radiation and heat exchangers. The fundamentals are then applied to a variety of engineering examples, including topics of special and current interest like solar collectors, cooling of electronic equipment, and energy conservation in buildings. The text covers both analytical and numerical solutions to heat transfer problems and makes use of MATLAB in the solutions. Each chapter has several example problems and a large number of end-of-chapter problems.

Key Features

  • A medium-sized text providing a thorough treatment of heat transfer fundamentals
  • Includes both analytical and numerical solutions of heat transfer problems
  • Includes a chapter on mass transfer
  • Includes a unique chapter of multimode problems to enhance the students problem-solving skills. Minimal information is given in the problem statements. Students must determine the relevant modes of heat transfer (conduction, convection, radiation) and must determine the appropriate solution technique

About This Book

Charles Forsberg, Hofstra University

Academic Press, 2021

ISBN: 9780128022962
Language: English

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