Smart Emergency Response System

Saving more lives in disaster events with MATLAB and Simulink

In the aftermath of an earthquake, every second counts for disaster victims. Imagine a system that can locate people quickly and help first responders save more lives.

That smart emergency response system includes autonomous aircraft and ground vehicles, rescue dogs, and a high-performance computing mission control center.

They're all connected—an example of the Internet of Things (IoT). Advances in cyber-physical systems are making this smart emergency response system a realistic endeavor. It can respond to disasters, with the goal of optimizing the delivery of emergency supplies in the field and facilitating human first responders.

Mission Control

At the heart of the smart emergency response system is the mission control center, built with MATLAB®, which:

  • Receives help requests and surveillance data from the disaster scene
  • Uses optimization algorithms and high-performance computing to run through millions of scenarios
  • Creates the most efficient mission plan in seconds, and adjusts based on feedback from field

Autonomous Vehicle Deployment

The mission plan sends waypoints with optimal paths to autonomous vehicles:

  • Fixed wing aircraft that fly reconnaissance sorties
  • Ground vehicles that set up local deployment stations for supplies and an ad-hoc WiFi network
  • Quadcopter rotorcraft that deliver medical supplies and rescue tools

The control and guidance software for these vehicles is designed and optimized in Simulink® to monitor the field and respond to requests as quickly as possible. A soft real-time Google Earth visualization shows the fleet of vehicles in action.

Control and guidance model for vehicle fleet.

Face Recognition

The mission control system receives live video streams from camera-equipped drones and rescue dogs. Using face recognition algorithms in MATLAB, the system analyzes the videos to find victims and matches facial features against an authorized database of photos. This enables rescue workers to notify family when a loved one is found.

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