Free MATLAB Trial for Control Systems

Design, test, and implement control systems

START TODAY. Download and install the trial software package.

It includes MATLAB®, Simulink® and a full set of products:

Control System Toolbox™, System Identification Toolbox™, Stateflow®, Robust Control Toolbox™, Model Predictive Control Toolbox™, Fuzzy Logic Toolbox™, Simulink Control Design™, Optimization Toolbox™, Simulink Design Optimization™, Reinforcement Learning Toolbox™

WHY MATLAB? With the trial software package, you’ll see why control system engineers choose MATLAB to design and simulate control systems, using features like:

  • A multi-domain block diagram environment for modeling plant dynamics, designing control algorithms, and running closed-loop simulations
  • Plant modeling using system identification or physical modeling tools
  • Prebuilt functions and interactive tools for analyzing overshoot, rise time, phase margin, gain margin, and other performance and stability characteristics in time and frequency domains
  • Root locus, Bode diagrams, LQR, LQG, robust control, model predictive control, and other design and analysis techniques
  • Automatic tuning of PID, gain-scheduled, and arbitrary SISO and MIMO control systems
  • Modeling, design, and simulation of supervisory logic for performing scheduling, mode switching, and fault detection, isolation, and recovery (FDIR)

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