MATLAB and Simulink Seminars

Mechatronics with MATLAB & Simulink


Have you ever tried to build a mechatronic device, like a robot?  Was it slow and clunky?  Did it shake too much?  Is it possible that you had great success with small scale prototypes that just did not translate to full scale units?  Mechanical motion is hard.  Motors, especially AC motors, are hard.  Integrating mechanics and electronics, and then controlling it, is even harder!

Please join us as we present simulation with MATLAB and Simulink for such systems.  You’ll see how simulation of the controller and the plant together can help you optimize the design of your electro-mechanical-software systems. We’ll demonstrate the integration of simulated and real components to enable real-time simulation and testing. You’ll see how simulation support for design, optimization and testing enables an aggressive development strategy and provides reality checks early and often. 


  • Simulating mechanics, electronics and control of a robotic arm
  • Rapid transition from simulation to hardware, as facilitated by code generation
  • Model-Based Design – see how more thorough, inexpensive, and faster you can be

Who Should Attend

Control, mechanical, electrical, software and testing engineers

About the Presenters

Terry Denery, PhD. Prior to MathWorks, Terry developed rocket motors at Hercules Aerospace (Now Aliant Technologies), and focused deeply on mechanical design and analysis at MSC, supporting use of products like ADAMS, Working Model, and visual NASTRAN.  Since joining MathWorks in 2004, Terry has met thousands of engineers to discuss control design and modeling electro-mechanical devices.
Education: Terry holds PhD in Aero/Astro from Stanford University and BS Chem Eng & MS Mech Eng from University of Virginia.

Please check Terry out on YouTube: Mechatronics, and Control Systems

Chirag Patel works with engineers in control system design to streamline the transition from desktop simulations to real-time testing and hardware-in-loop (HIL) testing. Prior to joining MathWorks, Chirag worked at Lucid Motors, where he led the efforts of adopting Model-Based Design for electric powertrain and built HIL test system for vehicle control systems. While at Cessna Aircraft Company, Chirag developed simulations for electro-hydraulics systems, built iron bird test rigs for anti-skid brake systems, and designed integrated environmental control system for business jets.
Education: Chirag holds a bachelor’s degree in mechatronics engineering from Sardar Patel University, Gujarat, and a master’s degree in control systems from Wichita State University, Kansas.


Time Title
8:30 Registration
9:00  Introduction

Mechanics in Simulink

  • Modeling mechanics using Simscape Multibody, describing bodies and joints
  • Import mechanical designs from CAD tools, like SolidWorks, CATIA, etc.
  • Using simulation to identify torque & speed requirements for actuators

Electronics in Simulink

  • Selecting motors based upon torque, speed & voltage requirements
  • Employing the Simscape Electrical block for permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM)
  • Integrating PMSM with mechanics model, and designing power electronics for control
10:45 Break 

Control Design and Real-Time Simulation & Testing

  • Controlling mechanical motion – getting the right torque with the outer loop
  • Field-Oriented Control for PMSM – getting the right currents with the inner loop
  • Using Simulink Real-Time to generate code to target Speedgoat box – connecting to real PMSM
12:00 Q&A

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