Drug Discovery and Development with MATLAB


Drug discovery and development software spans a spectrum of modeling and analysis tools. You will learn about SimBiology® and its new features that help span modeling and simulation workflows from pharmacokinetic (PK) to quantitative systems pharmacology (QSP) modeling. We will also give you an overview of the extensive capabilities offered by MATLAB for AI applications.


In this seminar we will give you an overview of SimBiology to build models, estimate parameters, explore parameter ranges and simulate ‘what’s if’ scenarios to provide insights to estimate the potential of drug candidates.

We will also show you how MATLAB can help you tackle the challenges and embrace the opportunities offered by AI techniques.

Finally, we will demonstrate how to speed up expensive computations using parallel computing and how you can share your model or provide simulation capabilities non-modelers.

Who Should Attend

  • Pharmacometricians & research scientists
  • Anyone who need to integrate models in an enterprise environment.


Time Title

08:30 – 09:00

Registration and welcome Coffee

09:00 – 10:15

SimBiology for PK/PD, PBPK and QSP modelling in drug discovery and development

  • What’s new in SimBiology in release 2019b?
  • Building compartmental and mechanistic models
  • Parameter estimation using Nonlinear Regression and Nonlinear mixed effects modelling
  • Simulation of virtual population and ‘what if’ scenarios 
  • Automate tasks or create customized analyses using scripts

10:15 – 11:00

AI for healthcare applications with MATLAB

  • Using machine learning techniques to classify numerical data
  • Applying deep learning techniques to images and time series

11:00 – 11:20

Coffee Break

11:20 – 12:30

Speeding up your algorithm with Parallel Computing

  • Leveraging Parallel Computing to parallelize multiple simulations
  • Scaling-up to the Cloud and inhouse clusters

Deploying your algorithm

  • Developing a User interface with MATLAB
  • Sharing your application as a standalone or web application
  • Integrating your application in your Enterprise environment and visualization tools like Spotfire and Tableau


Closing Remark

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