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Interactive exploration of data and models with MATLAB


The Live Editor enables interactive exploration of data and models, as well as collaboration with colleagues, management and clients.  The Live Editor combines code, output and rich text in an executable notebook, which can be used to document models, algorithms and analysis. You can insert equations and add interactive controls to control the execution of a script and make it easy for colleagues to reproduce and explore your work. The Live Editor enables you to be more productive in how you author code and interact with data and visualizations in MATLAB®.


  • Documenting code and analysis
  • Interacting with models, data and visualizations
  • Symbolic and algebraic computations
  • Sharing and reviewing scripts and functions

About the Presenter

Paul Peeling is a senior technical consultant at MathWorks enabling customers to be successful in their adoption and use of MATLAB and Simulink® to solve the modelling challenges of today and tomorrow with cutting-edge technology, tools and methods.

Paul focuses on the financial services industry in modelling credit and market risk, and the bigger picture of managing the risk associated with those models, especially when machine learning is applied.  He also has expertise in signal processing, software design and application development in MATLAB, big data for enterprise-scale data analytics.

Product Focus

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