Online Training Suite

On-demand access to MATLAB and Simulink Training for your organization

This offering is available for purchase with an Enterprise license.

Online Training Suite offers a flexible, scalable way for everyone in your organization to learn MATLAB. New users can get started quickly with fundamentals, while experienced users can sharpen their skills using advanced techniques.

Why Online Training?

Courses created by the makers of MATLAB and Simulink.

Over 100 hours of training covering a broad range of topics.

Browser-based learning environment lets users interact with MATLAB while they are learning the material.

Courses are updated regularly to include the latest product features.

Topic-based modules enable users to choose what they want to learn and to work at their own pace.

Course materials include videos, hands-on exercises, and projects. Automated assessment provides real-time feedback.

Featured Courses

MATLAB Fundamentals

Machine Learning with MATLAB

Deep Learning with MATLAB