Automotive Conference 2018


dSPACE develops and distributes integrated hardware and software tools for developing and testing electronic control units and mechatronic controls. The application areas for dSPACE® systems are in the automotive industry, as well as in drives technology, aerospace, and other industrial sectors. The company's customer base includes virtually all major vehicle manufacturers and suppliers. With more than 1,400 employees worldwide, dSPACE is located in Paderborn, Germany; has three project centers in Germany; and serves customers through local dSPACE companies in the USA, the UK, France, Japan, and China.

ETAS provides a comprehensive product portfolio of tools designed to increase quality and efficiency in embedded systems development, with solutions for software modeling/integration, hardware-in-the-loop simulation, virtual and rapid-prototyping, measurement/calibration, and functional safety and security. The company’s tools are widely deployed in automotive, off-highway, and adjacent segments of the embedded industry.

Gamma Technologies develops GT-SUITE, an MBSE system simulation tool. It provides a broad set of validated 0D/1D/3D multi-physics component libraries simulating fluid flow, thermal, multibody, structural, electromagnetic, chemistry, and controls. Build practically any engineering system model including vehicles, hybrids, electrics, engine, thermal management, drivetrain, transmission, aftertreatment, hydraulics, fuel, and lubrication.

Kvaser offers a family of bus interfaces and data loggers for CAN (Controller Area Network), CAN FD (CAN Flexible Data Rate), and related networking technologies. Catering to distributed embedded control systems in every sector, Kvaser has a wide product range that encompasses several platforms, including USB, PCI Express®, PCI-X™, PC/104+, and WiFi

Pi Innovo provides prototype and production custom electronics (ECUs) for development of embedded control systems for markets such as automotive where reliability and functional safety are highly valued. OpenECU® is our family of customizable rapid control prototyping ECUs and software suitable for prototypes, fleet trials, and low to medium volume production. For higher volume production, Pi Innovo delivers cost-optimized custom ECUs under aggressive development time frames. Production volumes are supplied by EMS partners in North America and China.

Real-Time Innovations (RTI) is the IIoT connectivity company. The RTI Connext® databus is a software framework that shares information in real time, making applications work together as one integrated system. RTI is the largest vendor of products based on the Object Management Group (OMG) Data Distribution Service™ (DDS) standard.

SimuQuest provides a new class of products, that integrate seamlessly with MATLAB® and Simulink®, to streamline the model-based development of complex systems. UniPhi for intelligent centralized management. QuantiPhi for easy integration of device drivers. Enginuity for controls oriented engine and vehicle models. Let SimuQuest free you up for rapid innovation.

Real-time target machines from Speedgoat are expressly designed to work together with Simulink Real-Time™, to connect with your physical hardware under test, to run real-time applications created from Simulink® using automatic C and HDL code generation, to verify and validate your designs, and to continuously try new ideas.

In 2018, Vector celebrates 30 years of supporting the development of automotive electronic networks with their testing, diagnostic, measurement, and calibration tools. Vector also offers ECUs for rapid prototyping in addition to their AUTOSAR embedded components. Headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, in addition to 23-worldwide locations, Vector’s 2000 employees are focused on the future automotive electronics.