ONLINE - Developing Digital Control for Power Converters and Battery Systems


This event has been turned into an Online Meeting (WebEx) due to evolving public health risks related to coronavirus. Below you may find the adjusted agenda.

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Digital controllers are increasingly used in mechatronics applications and offer many advantages over analog control, including flexibility and adaptability. With digital control, controllers can be changed using a software update. Additionally, digital control allows for implementation of more advanced control algorithms.

These factors, together with decreasing cost of microcontrollers and Field-Programmable-Gate-Arrays (FPGAs), are contributing to the increased adoption of digital control for mechatronic systems. This digital transformation is not without challenges: a model-based approach is necessary to deal with the increased complexity of the software and controller design.

Using a DC/DC converter this seminar presents new features and workflows on how Simulink® and Simscape Electrical™ are used to develop, simulate, and implement a controller that deals with input variations and load changes achieving fast and stable response.


  • Modeling passive circuit elements, power semiconductors, and varying power sources and loads
  • Simulating the converter in continuous and discontinuous conduction modes
  • Determining power losses and simulating thermal behavior of the converter
  • Tuning the controller to meet design requirements such as rise time, overshoot, and settling time
  • Generating C code from the controller model for implementation on a Texas Instruments™ C2000™ microcontroller

Who Should Attend

  • Electrical/Systems Engineers and Project Managers
  • Test and Verification Engineers
  • Managers interested in Model-Based Engineering and state-of-the-art development workflows


Time Title
09:30 Electrification Megatrend – Introduction

Plant Modelling & Controller Design

  • Multidomain Modeling and Simulation
  • Parameter Estimation Using Datasheets and Physical Measurements
  • Scheduling and Supervisory Logic Using State Machines
  • Advanced Controller Design Capabilities in Time and Frequency Domains 
10:30 Break

Rapid Prototyping & Automatic Code Generation and Verification

  • Speedgoat: Quickest Path from Desktop Simulation to Real-time Testing with Hardware
  • Speedgoat: Decrease Development Time with Controller Prototyping
  • System and Unit Testing
  • Equivalence Testing of Model and Code


11:45 End of Webex

Product Focus

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