Hardware Support

VTI Instruments Support from Data Acquisition Toolbox

Create your own waveforms, measurement and analysis routines, and applications for VTI Instruments hardware using MATLAB and Data Acquisition Toolbox.

Note: Beginning with R2016a, MATLAB is no longer available on 32-bit systems. Because the existing adapters for VTI Instruments data acquisition hardware are 32-bit only, this hardware is currently only supported by Data Acquisition Toolbox R2015b and earlier. For a list of supported data acquisition hardware, see Hardware Support from Data Acquisition Toolbox.

VTI Instruments manufactures a variety of modular instruments and PC-based data acquisition systems including those for analog input and analog output. Use MATLAB as your single software environment to create your own waveforms, measurement and analysis routines, and automated instrument applications for VTI Instruments DAQ hardware.

MATLAB supports certain VTI Instruments DAQ hardware through Data Acquisition Toolbox. Specifically, it supports this hardware by downloading and using an adaptor available on MATLAB Central. Please visit MATLAB Central for the list of specific devices that can be supported with this adaptor. VTI Instruments hardware can also be used from Simulink using the Data Acquisition Toolbox to incorporate live data into your Simulink models.

Platform and Release Support

Using MATLAB or Simulink with this VTI hardware requires installing the 32-bit version of MATLAB whether you are using a 32-bit or 64-bit Windows® machine. The 32-bit version of MATLAB can be installed on a 64-bit Windows operating system.

Note: Today most products from VTI Instruments use instrument standard protocols and can be used with Instrument Control Toolbox instead of Data Acquisition Toolbox. Instrument Control Toolbox enables you to communicate directly with the instrument using one or more instrument communication protocols, including GPIB, VISA, TCP/IP, UDP, and serial. Visit the VTI Instruments hardware page for Instrument Control Toolbox for more information.