Latest Releases

Version 6.9, part of Release 2018b, includes the following enhancements:

  • EtherCAT Communications Protocol: Extend protocol support with SERCOS through SSC/SoE blocks
  • IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol: Provide support for Intel i210 Ethernet cards
  • Automotive I/O Connectivity: Connect to Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel
  • MATLAB Preferences: Select code generation and simulation cache folders
  • Code generation: Generate code with CAN-FD pack and unpack blocks
  • Target Computer Setup: Speedgoat Documentation for Boot and Kernel Transfer
  • EtherCAT Communications Protocol: Model Sample Time Calibration Improvement Simplifies EtherCAT Distributed Clock Usage

See the Release Notes for details.

Version 6.8, part of Release 2018a, includes the following enhancements:

  • Target Computer Performance Monitoring: Display the performance of a real-time application running on a target computer by using the TET Monitor in MATLAB
  • File Transfer Protocol (FTP) on Target Computer: Create a MATLAB ftp client object to access the file system of the selected target computer
  • Simulink Root Inport Mapper: Use complex numbers as input for root inports
  • Simulink Real-Time Model Template
  • Intel X540 10 Gb Ethernet Adapter Support
  • Data Logging and Simulation Data Inspector
  • Multicast Operation for UDP Blocks

See the Release Notes for details.

Version 6.7, part of Release 2017b, includes the following enhancements:

  • Simulink Logging: Log simulation data to target computer disk for retrieval after execution
  • Simulink Real-Time Explorer: Display enumerated types, switch binary inputs, and float workspace windows
  • Simulation Data Inspector Support: Monitor task execution time for all rates
  • Video Camera Support: Capture video images with USB3 cameras
  • Execution Profiling: Start and stop profiling with MATLAB commands and Simulink block
  • Precision Time Protocol: Increase time parameter precision by returning nanosecond vector
  • Root Inport Mapper Integration: Use inport data buses and data interpolation
  • Target Computer Communication: Use Intel 210 and Intel 217 drivers

See the Release Notes for details.

Version 6.6, part of Release 2017a, includes the following enhancements:

  • Root Inport Mapper Integration: Drive root-level input ports with external data
  • Target Computer Ram Drive: Accelerate target computer file I/O
  • Simulink Real-Time Explorer: Embed scopes in instrument panel to display waveforms
  • TCP Support: Communicate with devices via client/server TCP
  • Target Computer Troubleshooting: Inspect activity logs on development computer
  • Target Computer Troubleshooting: Measure CPU Temperature
  • Simulink Real-Time Explorer: Browse signals and parameters in hierarchical display
  • EtherCAT Support: Collect notifications from EtherCAT bus

See the Release Notes for details.

Version 6.5, part of Release 2016b, includes the following enhancements:

  • Multirate Model Performance: Reduce minimum achievable sample time with polling mode
  • Simulation Data Inspector: Log more signal types faster
  • Simulink Real-Time Explorer: Tune structured parameters
  • Speedgoat FPGA Support: Program the Speedgoat IO333 FPGA with HDL Workflow Advisor
  • UDP Messages: Send and receive UDP messages up to 64 kB
  • EtherCAT Support: Synchronize EtherCAT devices with master shift mode
  • Simulink Real-Time Explorer: Display signal labels in host scope viewer
  • Target Computer Diagnostics: Trace crashes to source
  • Target Computer File System: Transfer files between development and target computers faster

See the Release Notes for details.

Version 6.4, part of Release 2016a, includes the following enhancements:

  • Automated Testing: Verify real-time applications by using Simulink Test
  • Data Streaming: Visualize signal data by using Simulation Data Inspector and dashboard blocks
  • Tune Structure Parameters: Update parameters of composite data
  • Calibration Tool Support: Tune parameters and display signals with measurement and calibration tools
  • Precision Time Protocol: Synchronize real-time application execution across multiple target computers
  • MATLAB Compiler Support: Deploy Windows applications that control real-time applications
  • Standalone Mode: 16 MB real-time application file size supported
  • System Time Functions: Set and get target computer system time
  • Data Logging: State logging in reference models

See the Release Notes for details.

Version 6.3, part of Release 2015b, includes the following enhancements:

  • Performance Advisor: Optimize real-time applications
  • Precision Time Protocol Support: Synchronize clocks for networked measurements
  • Signal and Parameter Internationalization: Observe signals and parameters with Unicode characters
  • Binary and Hexadecimal Signal Formats: Display monitored signals in binary and hexadecimal formats
  • Speedgoat Target Computer and I/O Hardware

See the Release Notes for details.

Version 6.2, part of Release 2015a, includes the following enhancements:

  • Export of standalone instrument panels from Simulink Real-Time Explorer
  • Function execution time profiling
  • Digital I/O support with Speedgoat IO331-6
  • Speedgoat IO682 ARINC (GE RCEI-830A) support
  • Ethernet cards for communicating between development and target computers

Version 6.1, part of Release 2014b, includes the following enhancements:

  • Video display on target computer monitor
  • Drag-and-drop association of parameters and signals in Simulink Real-Time Explorer
  • Support for multiple network cards for real-time UDP
  • FlexRay PDU support
  • Sample time specification for FlexRay driver blocks
  • Support for HUMUSOFT MF634 board
  • Support for Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 compiler
  • returns Ethernet controller information
  • Real-Time Scope block usable in referenced model
  • Updated signal display format for target scopes
  • Control of target scope visibility from target computer command line

See the Release Notes for details.

Version 6.0, part of Release 2014a, includes the following enhancements:

  • New product that combines the functionality of xPC Target and xPC Target Embedded Option 
  • Graphical controls and displays in Simulink Real-Time Explorer to design and run instrument panels
  • High-resolution real-time target display
  • Tunable parameters for referenced models
  • Single-model workflow for processor and FPGA targeting
  • FlexRay time-triggered protocol support
  • EtherNet/IP protocol support
  • XCP master over UDP support
  • EtherCAT improvements 
  • Blocks no longer in use 
  • Tunable parameters mapping behavior change 
  • Functionality being removed or changed 

See the Release Notes for details.