Chapter 5

Creating a Digital Twin with MATLAB and Simulink

MATLAB® and Simulink® enable you to create digital twins with toolboxes for your applications like Predictive Maintenance Toolbox™, System Identification Toolbox™, and Simscape™.

With MATLAB, you can define a model using data from your connected asset. You can also use Simulink to create a physics-based model using multidomain modeling tools.

Data-Driven Models

Data-driven methods available with MATLAB include machine learning, deep learning, neural networks, and system identification.

With MATLAB apps, you can explore these modeling methods to find the most accurate method for your application.

Data Driven Models

Diagnosing faults with the Classification Learner app. The app lets you interactively train, validate, and tune classification models.

Physics-Based Models

Physics-based modeling with Simulink involves designing the system from first principles. You can include mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical components.

Models can also come from upstream design work that uses Model-Based Design with Simulink.

Physics Based Models

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