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Body (Aero.Body)

Construct body object for use with animation object


h = Aero.Body


h = Aero.Body constructs a body for an animation object. The animation object is returned in h. To use the Aero.Body object, you typically:

  1. Create the animation body.

  2. Configure or customize the body object.

  3. Load the body.

  4. Generate patches for the body (requires an axes from a figure).

  5. Set the source for the time series data.

  6. Move or update the body.

The animation object has the following properties:

By default, an Aero.Body object natively uses aerospace body coordinates for the body geometry and the time series data. Convert time series data from other coordinate systems on the fly by registering a different CoordTransformFcn function.

See Aero.Body for further details.

Version History

Introduced in R2007a

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