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Import AUTOSAR Software Composition with Atomic Software Components (Classic Platform)

You can import an AUTOSAR software composition from ARXML files into a new Simulink® model. AUTOSAR compositions aggregate AUTOSAR software components and potentially other compositions. Use the arxml.importer function createCompositionAsModel to import a composition.

The following types of AUTOSAR atomic software components, if found in the ARXML description of a composition, are imported and represented as component models.

  • Application component

  • Sensor-actuator component

  • Complex device driver component

  • ECU abstraction component

  • Service proxy component

Application and sensor-actuator components are frequently imported, created, and modeled in Simulink. For complex device driver, ECU abstraction, or service proxy components that you import from compositions, you can model only the application side of their behavior in Simulink. For example, a complex device driver component can access Runtime Environment (RTE) device driver interfaces as an application-level component. But you cannot model the corresponding Basic Software (BSW) device drivers in Simulink.

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