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coder.Type Class

Namespace: coder

Represent set of MATLAB values acceptable for input specification


Objects of coder.Type specify the values that the generated code accepts. Use objects of this class only with the -args option of the codegen command. Do not pass as an input to a generated MEX function.



You can create and edit coder.Type objects interactively by using the Coder Type Editor. See Create and Edit Input Types by Using the Coder Type Editor.

coder.Type is an abstract class. To create objects of this class, use the coder.typeof and coder.newtype functions.

These classes are the instances of the coder.Type class.


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Value class name, returned as an object of one of these classes.

  • coder.CellType

  • coder.ClassType

  • coder.Constant

  • coder.EnumType

  • coder.FiType

  • coder.OutputType

  • coder.PrimitiveType

  • coder.StructType

Version History

Introduced in R2011a