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Choose Function Deployment Workflow

Is Your Function Ready for Deployment?

If These Statements are True...See...
  • I have a MATLAB® function that conforms to guidelines in Write Deployable MATLAB Code.

  • I want to create a Microsoft® Excel® compatible add-in from my existing MATLAB function.

  • I have tested and debugged my MATLAB function with MATLAB.

See Create Excel Add-In from MATLAB to build your add-in
Distribute Add-Ins and Integrate Into Microsoft Excel to execute the newly built add-in and create macros and associated GUIs with the Function Wizard and Microsoft Excel.
  • I have not yet developed a MATLAB function for deployment as an add-in, or I am in the process of developing it.

  • I have not tested my MATLAB function thoroughly with MATLAB.

See End-to-End Deployment of MATLAB Function for an end-to-end example of creating, debugging, building, and packaging MATLAB function from scratch using the Function Wizard.

Other Examples

For other types of examples, see the following: