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Generate Simulink Model for Control Architecture

After designing your controllers in Control System Designer, to simulate your system, you can automatically generate a Simulink® model for your control architecture.

To do so, on the Control System tab, under Export, click Create Simulink Model.

The app exports the controllers and fixed blocks for the current design to the MATLAB® Workspace and generates a Simulink model that matches the current control architecture. For more information on the controllers and fixed blocks in each control architecture, see Feedback Control Architectures.

For example, if you design a control system using configuration 1, Control System Designer exports C, F, G, and H to the MATLAB Workspace and generates the following Simulink model.

In the generated model, the Input block is a Signal Generator (Simulink). Using this block, you simulate your model with different input waveforms, such as sine waves or random signals. To generate a step response, replace the Input block with a Step (Simulink) block.

To generate a Simulink model for a stored design, first make that design current. On the Control System tab, under Retrieve, select the design for which you want to generate a model.

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