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Automated Driving Using Deep Learning

Extend deep learning workflows with automated driving applications

Apply deep learning to automated driving applications by using Deep Learning Toolbox™ together with Automated Driving Toolbox™.


Ground Truth LabelerLabel ground truth data for automated driving applications


Train a Deep Learning Vehicle Detector

This example shows how to train a vision-based vehicle detector using deep learning.

Create Occupancy Grid Using Monocular Camera and Semantic Segmentation

This example shows how to estimate free space around a vehicle and create an occupancy grid using semantic segmentation and deep learning.

Automate Ground Truth Labeling for Semantic Segmentation (Automated Driving Toolbox)

Use a pretrained semantic segmentation algorithm to segment an image, and use this algorithm to automate ground truth labeling.

Train Deep Learning Semantic Segmentation Network Using 3-D Simulation Data

This example shows how to use 3-D simulation data to train a semantic segmentation network and fine-tune it to real-world data using generative adversarial networks (GANs).

Track Multiple Vehicles Using a Camera (Automated Driving Toolbox)

Detect and track multiple vehicles with a monocular camera mounted in a vehicle.

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