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Model Configuration Parameters: Code Generation Report

The Code Generation > Report category includes parameters for generating and customizing the code generation report. These parameters require a Simulink® Coder™ license. Additional parameters available with an ERT-based target require an Embedded Coder® license.

On the Configuration Parameters dialog box, the following configuration parameters are on the Code Generation > Report pane.


Create code generation report

Document generated code in an HTML report.

Open report automatically

Specify whether to display code generation reports automatically.

Generate model Web view

Include the model Web view in the code generation report to navigate between the code and model within the same window.

Generate static code metrics

Include static code metrics report in the code generation report.

These configuration parameters are under the Advanced parameters.



Include hyperlinks in the code generation report that link code to the corresponding Simulink blocks, Stateflow® objects, and MATLAB® functions in the model diagram.


Link Simulink blocks, Stateflow objects, and MATLAB functions in a model diagram to corresponding code segments in a generated HTML report so that the generated code for a block can be highlighted on request.


Open the Model-to-code navigation dialog box for specifying a build folder containing previously-generated model code to highlight.

Eliminated / virtual blocks

Include summary of eliminated and virtual blocks in code generation report.

Traceable Simulink blocks

Include summary of Simulink blocks in code generation report.

Traceable Stateflow objects

Include summary of Stateflow objects in code generation report.

Traceable MATLAB functions

Include summary of MATLAB functions in code generation report.

Summarize which blocks triggered code replacements

Include code replacement report summarizing replacement functions used and their associated blocks in the code generation report.

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