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Generate XML file for schema version

Generate AUTOSAR XML files for specified schema version

Model Configuration Pane: Code Generation > AUTOSAR Code Generation Options

In a future release, support for schema versions R19-03 (00047) and R18-10 (00046) will be removed. See Support for AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform schema versions R19-03 (00047) and R18-10 (00046) to be removed for more information.


Select the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform schema version to use when generating XML files


To enable this parameter, set the SystemTargetFile parameter to autosar_adaptive.tlc.


R22-11 (00051) | R21-11 (00050) (default) | R20-11 (00049) | R19-11 (00048) | R19-03 (00047) | R18-10 (00046)

  • R22-11 (00051) — Use schema release R22-11 (Version 00051)

  • R21-11 (00050) — Use schema release R21-11 (Version 00050)

  • R20-11 (00049) — Use schema release R20-11 (Version 00049)

  • R19-11 (00048) — Use schema release R19-11 (Version 00048)

  • R19-03 (00047) — Use schema release R19-03 (Version 00047)

  • R18-10 (00046) — Use schema version R18-10 (Version 00046)


  • Selecting the AUTOSAR adaptive target for your model for the first time sets the schema version parameter to the default value R22-11 (00051).

  • When you import ARXML code into Simulink®, the ARXML importer detects the schema version and sets the schema version parameter in the model.

  • All models in a model hierarchy must specify the same value for this parameter.

  • To configure other AUTOSAR options, use the AUTOSAR code perspective. From the Apps tab, open the AUTOSAR Component Designer app.

Recommended Settings

DebuggingNo Impact
TraceabilityNo Impact
EfficiencyNo Impact
Safety precautionNo Impact

Programmatic Use

Parameter: AutosarSchemaVersion
Type: character vector
Value:'R22-11' | 'R21-11' | 'R20-11' | 'R19-11' | 'R19-03' | 'R18-10'
Default: 'R22-11'

Version History

Introduced in R2011a

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