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DO-178C Standard

Apply Simulink and Embedded Coder to the DO-178C Standard

Applying Model-Based Design to a high-integrity system requires extra consideration and rigor so that the system adheres to defined safety standards. DO-178C, Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification, is such a standard. A supplement to DO-178C, DO-331, provides guidance on the use of Model-Based Design technologies. MathWorks® provides a DO Qualification Kit product that you can use to qualify MathWorks verification tools for projects based on the DO-178C, DO-331, and related standards. For more information, see

For information about Model-Based Design and MathWorks support of aerospace and defense industry standards, see DO Qualification Kit .

Check for Standard Compliance Using the Model Advisor

If you have a Simulink® Check™ product license, you can check that your Simulink model or subsystem and the code that you generate from it complies with selected aspects of the DO-178C standard.

To check your model or subsystem:

  1. Open the Model Advisor.

  2. Navigate to By Task > Modeling Standards for DO-178C/DO-331.

  3. Run the DO-178C/DO-331 checks (Simulink Check) checks.

For more information on using the Model Advisor, see Check Your Model Using the Model Advisor.

Validate Traceability

Typically, applications that require certification require some level of traceability between requirements, models, and corresponding code.

Associate requirements documents with objects in Simulink models

The Requirements Management Interface Setup (Simulink Requirements) that is available if you have a Simulink Requirements™ license.

Trace model blocks and subsystems to generated code

The Model-to-Code Traceability option when generating an HTML report during the code generation or build process.

Trace generated code to model blocks and subsystems

The Code-to-Model Traceability option when generating an HTML report during the code generation or build process.