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AUTOSAR Standard

Simulink® software supports AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture (AUTOSAR), an open and standardized automotive software architecture. Automobile manufacturers, suppliers, and tool developers jointly develop AUTOSAR components.

The AUTOSAR standard addresses:

  • Architecture – Application, run-time environment, and service layers, which serve to decouple AUTOSAR software components from the execution platform. Standard interfaces between software components and the run-time environment allow reuse or relocation of components within the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) topology of a vehicle.

    The standard defines two AUTOSAR platforms:

    • Classic Platform (CP), with Application, Runtime Environment (RTE), and Basic Software (BSW) layers

    • Adaptive Platform (AP), with Application, AUTOSAR Runtime for Adaptive Applications (ARA), Services, and Basis layers

  • Methodology – Specification of code formats and description file templates, for example.

  • Foundation – Requirements and specifications shared between AUTOSAR platforms, supporting platform interoperability.

  • Application Interfaces – Specification of interfaces for typical automotive applications.

For more information, see:

  • for details on the AUTOSAR standard.

  • AUTOSAR Blockset for information on modeling and simulating AUTOSAR software, from which Embedded Coder® can generate code.

  • AUTOSAR Code Generation for information about generating AUTOSAR-compliant C/C++ code and XML software descriptions (requires AUTOSAR Blockset).

  • MATLAB and Simulink for AUTOSAR to learn about using MathWorks® products and third-party tools for AUTOSAR.

Check for AUTOSAR Standard Compliance Using the Model Advisor

If you have an AUTOSAR Blockset product license, you can check that your Simulink model or subsystem and the code that you generate from it complies with selected aspects of the AUTOSAR standard.

To check your model or subsystem:

  1. Open the Model Advisor.

  2. Navigate to By Product > AUTOSAR Blockset.

  3. Run the AUTOSAR (AUTOSAR Blockset) checks.

For more information on using the Model Advisor, see Check Your Model Using the Model Advisor.