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Two-Antenna LTE SIB1 Transmission Using USRP®-Based SDR

This example shows how to use both channels of the USRP® B210, X300 or X310 to transmit a two-antenna LTE waveform generated by LTE Toolbox™. The generated waveform includes the SIB1 message and all physical channels and signals required to decode it.

Example Summary

LTE Toolbox can be used to generate standard-compliant baseband IQ downlink and uplink reference measurement channel (RMC) waveforms and downlink test model (E-TM) waveforms. These baseband waveforms can be modulated for RF transmission using SDR radio hardware such as the USRP®-based radio.

In this example eight frames of a baseband RMC waveform are generated using the LTE Toolbox. The SIB1 message is included in this waveform. A continuous RF LTE waveform is created by looping transmission of these eight frames with the USRP® radio hardware for a user-specified time period.

If you have a second SDR platform, the transmitted waveform can be captured and the MIB and SIB1 messages decoded using the companion example Two-Antenna LTE Cell Search, MIB, and SIB1 Recovery Using USRP®-Based SDR.

SDR Support Packages

This example requires the USRP®-based radio support package. This can be installed using the Add-On Explorer.

More information about other supported SDR platforms can be found here.

Full Example

The full example description and source code can be found in the list of examples using USRP® under the name "LTE SIB1 Transmission over Two Antennas".

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