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Run Engine Application on macOS

This example shows how to run the C example engdemo.c from the macOS Terminal Window. Make note of the value of matlabroot, the folder where MATLAB® is installed.

Set the system path. Make sure that you include the : path terminator character.

setenv PATH matlabroot/bin:$PATH  

Set the run-time library path and run the example.

DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH=matlabroot/bin/macos:matlabroot/sys/os/macos ./engdemo

Replace macos with either maca64 for macOS with Apple silicon or maci64 for macOS with Intel®. For more information, see Set Run-Time Library Path on macOS Systems. The example assumes that the engdemo application is on your system path.

MATLAB starts and displays a figure. To close the figure, press Return.

Create variable X, for example:

X = 'hello'

MATLAB displays the results and closes.

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