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About MathWorks Source Control Integration

You can use MATLAB® to work with files under source control. You can perform operations such as update, commit, merge changes, and view revision history directly from the Current Folder browser.

MATLAB integrates with:

  • Subversion® (SVN)

  • Git™

In MATLAB Online™, Subversion integration is not supported.

To use source control in your project, use any of these workflows:

Additional source control integrations, such as Microsoft® Source-Code Control Interface (MSSCCI), are available for download from the Add-On Explorer. For more information, see Get and Manage Add-Ons.

Classic and Distributed Source Control

This diagram represents the classic source control workflow (for example, using SVN).

Benefits of classic source control:

  • Locking and user permissions on a per-file basis (e.g., you can enforce locking of model files)

  • Central server, reducing local storage needs

  • Simple and easy to learn

This diagram represents the distributed source control workflow (for example, using Git).

Benefits of distributed source control:

  • Offline working

  • Local repository, which provides full history

  • Branching

  • Multiple remote repositories, enabling large-scale hierarchical access control

To choose classic or distributed source control, consider these tips.

Classic source control can be helpful if:

  • You need file locks.

  • You are new to source control.

Distributed source control can be helpful if:

  • You need to work offline, commit regularly, and need access to the full repository history.

  • You need to branch locally.