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hgsave is not recommended. Use savefig instead.

hgsave(filename) saves the current figure to a file named filename. Specify filename as a character vector or string.

hgsave(h,filename) saves the objects identified by the array of handles h to a file named filename. If you do not specify an extension for filename, then the extension .fig is appended. If h is a vector, none of the handles in h may be ancestors or descendents of any other handles in h.

hgsave(...,'-v6') saves the FIG-file in a format that can be loaded by versions prior to MATLAB® 7.

hgsave(...,'-v7.3') saves the FIG-file in a format that can be loaded only by MATLAB versions 7.3 and above. This format, based on HDF5 files, is intended for saving FIG-files larger than 2 GB.

Backward Compatibility

When creating a figure you want to save and use in a MATLAB version prior to MATLAB 7, use the 'v6' option with the plotting function and the '-v6' option for hgsave. Check the reference page for the plotting function you are using for more information.

In MATLAB release R2014b or later, you cannot open a save FIG-file in earlier versions of MATLAB. Use savefig to save figures that are compatible with earlier versions of MATLAB.


Use the File > Export Setup dialog. Use Edit > Copy Figure to copy the figure’s content to the system clipboard. For details, see Customize Figure Before Saving and Copy Figure to Clipboard from Edit Menu.

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Introduced before R2006a