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Arduino Bluetooth Setup Tips

Try these tips to troubleshoot issues that you face while configuring Arduino® Bluetooth® setup.


From R2020a release of MATLAB® Support Package for Arduino Hardware, the support for Adafruit® Bluefruit EZ-Link shield for Bluetooth connectivity has been removed.

Failure to Program Arduino Board

Connect the Arduino hardware to your computer using an USB cable. Make sure that you do not have your Bluetooth device connected to Arduino hardware when you Program the board.

Configure a 5 V HC-05 or HC-06

When you configure your 5 V HC-05 or HC-06, use a 5 V FTDI adaptor and connect them, as shown:

Find FTDI Serial Port


On Windows®, find the FTDI serial port listed as USB Serial Port under Ports (COM & LPT) in the Device Manager, as shown:


On Mac, type ls /dev/cu.* in the Terminal to find the FTDI serial port, as shown:

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