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Enable Client Logging

Client logging writes messages to a persistent log file. The messages are useful for debugging issues with the add-in. Client logging is disabled by default. To activate it:

  1. In Excel, select Add-Ins > Configure MATLAB Production Server.

    Screen shot of MATLAB Production Server Configuration Management for Client Side Logging.

  2. Select the Client Side Logging tab.

  3. Check the Enable Logging box.

  4. Select the logging level from the Logging Level drop-down list.

    • Error — Log error messages.

    • Information — Log information about server interactions in addition to error messages.

    • Verbose — Log everything.

  5. In the Log File Folder box, enter the folder into which log files are written.

When client logging is enabled, all registered MATLAB® Production Server™ add-ins generate log files. The files follow the naming convention logFolder\addinName-date.log.