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Set up server environment from command line on Windows, Linux, and macOS systems


mps-setup [mcrroot]


mps-setup [mcrroot] sets the location of the MATLAB® Runtime and other start up options for server instances.

mps-setup sets the default path to the MATLAB Runtime instances for all server instances that you create. This is equivalent to presetting the mcr-root property in the main_config configuration file of each server instance.

The MATLAB Runtime instance locations that you specify when running mps-setup overwrite any previous values that might be present in the mcrroot file located in the server_install_location/config/ folder.


  • Run mps-setup from the server_install_location/script folder. Alternatively, add the script folder to your system PATH environment variable to run mps-setup from any folder on your system.

  • If you run mps-setup without arguments, it searches your system for MATLAB Runtime instances that you may want to use with MATLAB Production Server™.

  • You can specify the path to the MATLAB Runtime as an argument when running mps-setup. This method is ideal for non-interactive (silent) installations.

  • Before creating server instances using the dashboard, you can run mps-setup to specify the default MATLAB Runtime instances to use. This might be useful if you use a script to launch the dashboard. Typically, you must use either the command line interface or the dashboard to manage server instances.

Input Arguments


Path to MATLAB Runtime if running mps-setup in non-interactive or silent mode.


Run mps-setup non-interactively, by specifying the path to the MATLAB Runtime instance that you want MATLAB Production Server to use.

Type the following at the system command prompt:

mps-setup "C:\Program Files\MATLAB\MATLAB Runtime\mcrver"

mcrver is the version of the MATLAB Runtime to use.

Version History

Introduced in R2012b