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Remove Bias from Angular Velocity Measurement

This example shows how to remove gyroscope bias from an IMU using imufilter.

Use kinematicTrajectory to create a trajectory with two parts. The first part has a constant angular velocity about the y- and z-axes. The second part has a varying angular velocity in all three axes.

duration = 60*8;
fs = 20;
numSamples = duration * fs;
rng('default') % Seed the RNG to reproduce noisy sensor measurements.

initialAngVel = [0,0.5,0.25];
finalAngVel = [-0.2,0.6,0.5];
constantAngVel = repmat(initialAngVel,floor(numSamples/2),1);
varyingAngVel = [linspace(initialAngVel(1), finalAngVel(1), ceil(numSamples/2)).', ...
    linspace(initialAngVel(2), finalAngVel(2), ceil(numSamples/2)).', ...
    linspace(initialAngVel(3), finalAngVel(3), ceil(numSamples/2)).'];

angVelBody = [constantAngVel; varyingAngVel];
accBody = zeros(numSamples,3);

traj = kinematicTrajectory('SampleRate',fs);

[~,qNED,~,accNED,angVelNED] = traj(accBody,angVelBody);

Create an imuSensor System object™, IMU, with a nonideal gyroscope. Call IMU with the ground-truth acceleration, angular velocity, and orientation.

IMU = imuSensor('accel-gyro', ...
    'Gyroscope',gyroparams('RandomWalk',0.003,'ConstantBias',0.3), ...

[accelReadings, gyroReadingsBody] = IMU(accNED,angVelNED,qNED);

Create an imufilter System object, fuse. Call fuse with the modeled accelerometer readings and gyroscope readings.

fuse = imufilter('SampleRate',fs, 'GyroscopeDriftNoise', 1e-6);

[~,angVelBodyRecovered] = fuse(accelReadings,gyroReadingsBody);

Plot the ground-truth angular velocity, the gyroscope readings, and the recovered angular velocity for each axis.

The angular velocity returned from the imufilter compensates for the effect of the gyroscope bias over time and converges to the true angular velocity.

time = (0:numSamples-1)'/fs;

plot(time,angVelBody(:,1), ...
     time,gyroReadingsBody(:,1), ...
legend('True Angular Velocity', ...
       'Gyroscope Readings', ...
       'Recovered Angular Velocity')
ylabel('Angular Velocity (rad/s)')

plot(time,angVelBody(:,2), ...
     time,gyroReadingsBody(:,2), ...
ylabel('Angular Velocity (rad/s)')

plot(time,angVelBody(:,3), ...
     time,gyroReadingsBody(:,3), ...
ylabel('Angular Velocity (rad/s)')
xlabel('Time (s)')