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Solenoid with Magnetic Blocks

This example shows how to model a solenoid with spring return. When unpowered, the spring pulls the plunger +5mm away from the center of the coil. Turning on the power supply at t=0.1 seconds pulls the plunger into the center of the coil. At t=0.3s, a 10N external load is added to the plunger.

This model is similar to the example model ssc_solenoid, except the solenoid here is modeled using magnetic blocks rather than physical signal blocks. The current through the solenoid produces a magnetomotive force (mmf) which drives a flux through the magnetic core of the solenoid. A reluctance force is produced which drives the plunger to close the air gap, initially 5mm in length. The flux in the magnetic core increases as the air gap length decreases.


Solenoid with Magnetic Effects Subsystem

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