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Clean all derived files generated by library build process


ssc_clean package


ssc_clean package deletes all derived files generated by ssc_build in the package named package, including the library file.

The argument, package, must be a top-level package name.


The package directory name begins with a leading + character, whereas the argument to ssc_clean must omit the + character.

Running ssc_clean before rebuilding a library forces ssc_build to generate all derived files in the package, rather than regenerate only those files that have changed. You do not need to run ssc_clean before regular iterative library builds.

When you upgrade to a new version of Simscape™ software, run ssc_clean and then rebuild the custom block libraries.

When deploying your libraries on multiple platforms, you do not need to run ssc_clean on each platform. Use ssc_clean at the beginning of deployment and then just run ssc_build on each platform.


To clean all derived files from the package directory +MyPackage, invoke the following from the directory containing the package directory +MyPackage:

ssc_clean MyPackage;

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Introduced in R2008b