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Structured Text Code Generation Support for Simulink Data Dictionary

Simulink Data Dictionary (SLDD) is the preferred Model-Based-Design (MBD) data modeling and management tool. SLDD provides advantages such as data separation, logical partitioning, traceability, and so on. To achieve traceability between your generated code and model, and for code reusability and model and data sharing, use SLDD


Simulink® PLC Coder™ does not support:

  • The mixed use of the base workspace and SLDD files. Use the Simulink migration utility to migrate your entire base workspace to SLDD files.

  • Model workspace parameters and signals for code generation.

  • MATLAB variables in SLDD files for code generation. To generate code convert these variables to Simulink.Parameter objects.

Simulink.parameter types that have StorageClass options other than ExportedGlobal and ImportedExtern are auto converted to ExportedGlobal StorageClass during code generation.

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