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Quality Objectives Dashboard

The Quality Objectives dashboard is available only for Code Prover analysis results.

To monitor the quality of your code against predefined Software Quality Objectives, use the Quality Objectives dashboard.

In the Project Overview dashboard, use the Quality Objectives card to get a quick overview of your progress in achieving a quality objective threshold. From the Threshold drop-down list, select a threshold and view the percentage of findings that you have already addressed to achieve the threshold. The card also displays the number of findings you still need to address to reach the threshold. Click this number to open the REVIEW perspective and see these findings in the Results List.

For a more comprehensive view, open the Quality Objectives dashboard. In the Summary section you can use the Threshold drop-down list to pick a threshold and see the remaining open issues, with a breakdown per category, such as code metrics or coding rules.

In this Quality Objectives dashboard, 94% of the findings required to achieve threshold SQO2 have been addressed. There are 24 open issues, including 12 Code Metrics, 8 Coding Rules, and 4 Systematic issues. Open issues are issues with a review status of Unreviewed, To fix, To investigate, or Other.

The table shows the current progress of code quality for all quality objective thresholds. To view the Results List for a set of open issues, click the corresponding value in the table.

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