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Track Issue in Bug Tracking Tool

If you use JIRA as part of your software development process, you can configure Polyspace® Access to create JIRA issues for Polyspace findings and add those issues to your JIRA software project. See Configure the Web Server and Gateway.

To create a JIRA issue, select a finding and click Create Ticket from the Results Details pane in Polyspace Access or in the Polyspace desktop interface. In the desktop interface, you can create a JIRA issue only for results that you open from Polyspace Access.

If you are prompted to log in, use your JIRA credentials.

In the Create JIRA ticket window, select a Project and Issue Type from the drop-down lists. The Description includes a URL to the Polyspace Access Results List filtered down to the finding for which you created the JIRA issue.

After you create a JIRA issue, click the link in the Results Details pane to open the issue in JIRA and track the progress in resolving the issue.