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Coupled line balun

Balun is a transformer used to connect an unbalanced source line to a balanced load or vise-versa. This structure provides a matching transition between unbalanced to balanced transmission lines with a 180 degree phase difference and an equal potential at the output port. Baluns are key components in balanced circuit topologies such as balanced mixers, push-pull amplifiers, balanced frequency multiplier, phase shifters, balanced modulators, dipole feeds and other wide range of applications.


balunCoupledLineCreate multisection coupled-line balun on X-Y plane (Since R2022a)
balunMarchandCreate Marchand balun in microstrip form (Since R2022b)


showDisplay PCB component structure or PCB shape (Since R2021b)
infoDisplay information about PCB component structure (Since R2021b)
designCoupledLineCalculate dimensions of coupled-line section for specified frequency (Since R2022a)
designUncoupledLineCalculate dimensions of uncoupled-line section for specified frequency (Since R2022a)
designOutputLineCalculate dimensions of output line section for specified frequency (Since R2022a)
shapesExtract all metal layer shapes of PCB component (Since R2021b)