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Modelscape Test

Modelscape™ Test™ is a set of model implementation and testing workflow tools. Use these tools if you build, test, and deploy quantitative models to business systems and end users.

Modelscape Test supports these workflows:

  • Test authoring frameworks for unit and performance testing

  • Integration with continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) tools

  • Automated testing and reporting

  • Pre- and post-production model verification reporting

You can use Modelscape Test to perform these tasks:

  • Eliminate rework through minimizing or eliminating the need to recode quant models.

  • Automate model testing, acceptance, and deployment to production.

  • Generate live, auditable, and traceable documentation of model verification pre- and post-production deployment.

  • Preserve model testing and deployment history for auditability, transparency, and knowledge transfer.

Modelscape Test Workflow

After you develop a model version, follow these steps to test your code.

Write Tests

Use MATLAB® to write tests for your code. For more information, see Write Script-Based Unit Tests, Write Function-Based Unit Tests, and Author Class-Based Unit Tests in MATLAB.

Run in CI and Get Test Results

Set up a MATLAB project for continuous integration in a CI platform. Use this platform to create a continuous integration workflow to perform automated testing and obtain test results. For more details, see Continuous Integration Using MATLAB Projects and Jenkins.