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Simulink Data Dictionary Loop

Run Simulink Data Dictionary child component for each Simulink data dictionary in specified context


This component runs the Simulink Data Dictionary child component for each Simulink® data dictionary in the specified context. You can specify whether to have each data dictionary in the loop.

Report on

Specify the data dictionaries to report on.

  • Dictionaries in MATLAB path: Report on all data dictionaries on the MATLAB® path. If you select Include referenced data dictionaries, then also reports on child data dictionaries whose parent is on the MATLAB path.

  • Dictionaries in list: Report on all data dictionaries that you specify in the text box. Enter data dictionary names, separated by either a comma or semicolon. You can use multiple lines. If you do not specify the full path to a data dictionary, the loop includes that data dictionary only if the dictionary is on the MATLAB path.

Use a Summary Table component to show annotation objects in reports. Each Summary Table component creates a single table with each reported annotation on a single row of the table.

Section Options

Create section for each object in loop: Create a separate chapter for each data dictionary.


Suppose you have an HTML report with the Simulink Data Dictionary Loop component configured like this:

Then you configure the Simulink Data Dictionary component like this:

The resulting report looks like this: