Models a variable gain amplifier

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  • SerDes Toolbox / Datapath Blocks


The VGA block scales the amplitude of the input waveform based on a gain specified by the user.



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Input signal to be scaled, specified as a scalar or vector.

Data Types: double


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Scaled output signal, returned as a scalar or vector corresponding to the input signal.

Data Types: double


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VGA operating mode:

  • OffVGA is bypassed and the input waveform remains unchanged.

  • OnVGA scales the input waveform according to the specified Gain.

Programmatic Use

  • Use get_param(gcb,'Mode') to view the current VGA Mode.

  • Use set_param(gcb,'Mode',value) to set VGA to a specific Mode.

Multiplicative gain used to scale the input waveform, specified as a unitless scalar.

Programmatic Use

  • Use get_param(gcb,'Gain') to view the current value of Gain.

  • Use set_param(gcb,'Gain',value) to set VGA Gain to a specific value.

Data Types: double

Choose which parameters to include in IBIS-AMI models. By default, both parameters are selected.

If you deselect a parameter, the parameter is removed from the AMI files, effectively hard-coding the parameter to its current value. For example, if Gain is set to 5 and you clear the check box for Gain under IBIS-AMI parameters, the value of Gain is hard-coded to 5.

Introduced in R2019a