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Event object

Store event information


Events are used to describe sudden changes in model behavior. An event lets you specify discrete transitions in model component values that occur when a user-specified condition become true. You can specify that the event occurs at a particular time, or specify a time-independent condition.

For details on how events are handled during a simulation, see Events in SimBiology Models.

See Property Summary for links to event property reference pages.

Properties define the characteristics of an object. For example, an event object includes properties that allow you to specify the conditions to trigger an event (Trigger), and what to do after the event is triggered (EventFcn). Use the get and set commands to list object properties and change their values at the command line. You can graphically change object properties in the SimBiology® desktop.


If UnitConversion is on and your model has any event, follow the recommendation below.

Non-dimensionalize any parameters used in the event Trigger if they are not already dimensionless. For example, suppose you have a trigger x > 1, where x is the species concentration in mole/liter. Non-dimensionalize x by scaling (dividing) it with a constant such as x/x0 > 1, where x0 is a parameter defined as 1.0 mole/liter. Note that x does not have to have the same unit as the constant x0, but must be dimensionally consistent with it. For example, the unit of x can be picomole/liter instead of mole/liter.

Constructor Summary

addevent (model)Add event object to model object

Method Summary

copyobjCopy SimBiology object and its children
deleteDelete SimBiology object
displayDisplay summary of SimBiology object
getGet SimBiology object properties
renameRename object and update expressions
setSet SimBiology object properties

Property Summary

ActiveIndicate object in use during simulation
EventFcnsEvent expression
NameSpecify name of object
NotesHTML text describing SimBiology object
ParentIndicate parent object
TagSpecify label for SimBiology object
TriggerEvent trigger
TypeDisplay SimBiology object type
UserDataSpecify data to associate with object

Version History

Introduced in R2007b