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Show kinetic law used for ReactionRate


The KineticLaw property shows the kinetic law that determines the reaction rate specified in the ReactionRate property of the reaction object. This property shows the kinetic law used to define ReactionRate.

KineticLaw can be configured with the addkineticlaw method. The addkineticlaw function configures the ReactionRate based on the KineticLaw and the species and parameters specified in the kinetic law object properties SpeciesVariableNames and ParameterVariableNames. SpeciesVariableNames are determined automatically for mass action kinetics.

If you update the reaction, the ReactionRate property automatically updates only for mass action kinetics. For all other kinetics, you must set the SpeciesVariableNames property of the kinetic law object.

For information on dimensional analysis for reaction rates, see How Reaction Rates Are Evaluated.


Applies toObject: reaction
Data typeKinetic law object
Data valuesKinetic law object. Default is [] (empty).


Example with Henri-Michaelis-Menten kinetics

  1. Create a model object, and then add a reaction object.

    modelObj = sbiomodel ('my_model');
    reactionObj = addreaction (modelObj, 'a + b -> c + d');
  2. Define a kinetic law for the reaction object.

    kineticlawObj = addkineticlaw(reactionObj, 'Henri-Michaelis-Menten');
  3. Verify that the KineticLaw property for the reaction object is Henri-Michaelis-Menten.

    get (reactionObj, 'KineticLaw')

    MATLAB® returns:

    SimBiology Kinetic Law Array
     Index:    KineticLawName:
       1       Henri-Michaelis-Menten