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Show unit prefixes in library


UnitPrefixObjs = sbioshowunitprefixes
[Name, Multiplier] = sbioshowunitprefixes
[Name, Multiplier, Builtin] = sbioshowunitprefixes
[Name, Multiplier, Builtin] = sbioshowunitprefixes('Name')



Vector of unit prefix objects from the BuiltInLibrary and UserDefinedLibrary properties of the Root.


Name of the built-in or user-defined unit prefix. Built-in prefixes are defined based on the International System of Units (SI).


Shows the value of 10^Exponent that defines the relationship of the unit prefix Name to the base unit. For example, the multiplier in picomole is 10e-12.

BuiltinAn array of logical values. If Builtin is true for a unit prefix, the unit prefix is built in. If Builtin is false for a unit prefix, the unit prefix is user-defined.


sbioshowunitprefixes returns information about unit prefixes in the SimBiology® library.

UnitPrefixObjs = sbioshowunitprefixes returns the unit prefixes in the library as a vector of unit prefix objects in UnitPrefixObjs.

[Name, Multiplier] = sbioshowunitprefixes returns the multiplier for each prefix in Name to Multiplier as a cell array of character vectors.

[Name, Multiplier, Builtin] = sbioshowunitprefixes returns whether the unit prefix is built in or user defined for each unit prefix in Name to Builtin.

[Name, Multiplier, Builtin] = sbioshowunitprefixes('Name') returns the name, multiplier, and built-in status for the unit prefix with name Name. Name can be a string vector or cell array of character vectors.


[name, multiplier] = sbioshowunitprefixes;
[name, multiplier] = sbioshowunitprefixes('nano');

Version History

Introduced in R2006a